Madeline DuBois Foley is currently researching the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict through the lens of religion and nationalism with the goal of understanding modern Israeli-Palestinian peace-building efforts. Foley is working with her faculty adviser,

Professor Atalia Omer, on the proofing and indexing of Professor Omer’s forthcoming book, Days of Awe: Reimagining Jewishness in Solidarity with Palestinians, which explores the Jewish-American movement away from Zionism and towards Palestinian solidarity.

Foley is interested in the intersection between cultural self-understanding, religion, and social justice. Through her work with Professor Omer, she hopes to research the influence of religion on political development and peace building in both the case of

Israel-Palestine and Professor Omer’s next project, which focuses on Mindanao, the Philippines, and Malindi, Kenya.

Program of Liberal Studies
Glynn Family Honors Program
Philosophy, Politics & Economics