Governing the Urban Revolution: Lessons from Santiago

Kellogg Visiting Fellow Claudio Orrego

Lecture by Visiting Fellow Claudio Orrego

In 2008, for the first time in human history, the world's population was more urban than rural, and city dwellers are expected to rise to 70% of the population by 2050. In this context of rapid urbanization, cities around the globe face similar and increasingly complex issues, including crime, access to affordable housing and social services, environmental challenges, immigration, social cohesion, economic growth, and more.

Orrego will look at these challenges and their impact on governance, particularly in larger cities, where often no single local government exist. Drawing on his varied experience – as the mayor of one of Santiago and Chile's largest municipalities (Peñalolén), Chile's national minister of housing and urban development, and most recently the governor of metropolitan Santiago – he will consider questions regarding coordination of policies and services, maintaining quality of life for all, and maximizing civic participation. He will also discuss how traditional liberal democracy could be weakened or strengthened by new urban realities. 

Co-sponsored with the Keough School of Global Affairs and the Institute for Educational Initiatives.

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Claudio Orrego

This profile was current as of 2019, when he was part of the on-campus Kellogg community. Claudio Orrego is a Chilean lawyer, politician, academic and international consultant and a spring 2019 Visiting Fellow at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies.  He has held a number of public sector offices related to urban issues and state modernization...
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