Do Adversaries Play By the Rules? The Inferential Role of Basic Democratic Trust


Andreas Schedler
Professor of Political Science, Center for Economic Teaching and Research (CIDE), Mexico
Kellogg Institute Distinguished Research Affiliate

How do democratic players know that their adversaries are playing by the rules? How do they know if they're bending or breaking the rules? These questions about democratic norm compliance are complex and deeply problematic, but they’re also fundamental to the very existence of democracy – to its dynamics, its quality, and its stability.

Schedler will discuss the complexities of democratic compliance, and two central implications: the contested nature of non-compliance and the trust-dependence of compliance perceptions. He will also apply these abstract claims to one concrete realm of democratic norm compliance: the democratic quality of elections.

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Andreas Schedler

Andreas Schedler is professor of political science at the Center for Economic Teaching and Research (CIDE) in Mexico City. His research interests include the subversion of democracy by illiberal governments, the dynamics of democratic trust, and authoritarianism and democratization from a comparative perspective. Schedler has written numerous journal articles...
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