I am a Ph.D student at the World Religions and World Church Program in the Department of Theology, with an M.A. in International Peace Studies from The Kroc Institute. My current research is focused on the construction of theologies of peace within the framework of Muslim-Christian relations in post-conflict settings. Before coming to Notre Dame, I was a Nostra Aetate Fellow at the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID) in the Vatican City, where I researched interfaith relations between the Catholic Church and major religious traditions in the world, especially Islam. I am also a columnist at one of the largest national media in Indonesia, The Jakarta Post, where I regularly write on the issues of interreligious relations and Islamic feminism.

Current Research

My research interests are centered around the topic of comparative Muslim and Christian feminist theologies in postcolonial contexts. I interrogate the formations of feminist theological thoughts in light of postcolonial sociopolitical and economic structures in the Global South that often produce multiple forms of structural violence for women of colors. I utilize anthropological methodologies in conducting my research, and therefore also have a focus on feminist ethnography. Lastly, my scholarship also focuses on interreligious relations, especially Muslim-Christian dialogue, along with gender and Islamic politics in Southeast Asia.


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