‘Weekend Theologies’: Divine Communion, Divine Justice, and Selfhood Among Indonesian Female Migrant Workers in Singapore

Graduate Research Grant
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This project aims to construct feminist theologies of migration from the daily lives of Indonesian Muslim and Christian female migrant workers in Singapore. The analysis will utilize theoretical perspectives from the subfields of Qur’anic and Biblical hermeneutics and systematic theologies and will use an ethnographic method. Within this project, I argue that Indonesian female migrant workers’ relationship with God and everyday religious praxis represent distinct theological discourses that stem from their oppression in the global marketplace. Hence, their theological discourses are lived, rather than taught through religious traditions.

This fieldwork comprises the main component of my dissertation. I will engage in semi-structured conversations with ten female Indonesian migrant workers in Singapore, five Muslims, and five Christians. Furthermore, I will also observe Christian and Muslim weekly religious forums throughout my six months of research. Both elements will complete my ethnographic data needed for my dissertation’s writing process.