Wednesday, May 4  |  5-6 pm Eastern Time (2-3pm PDT)

We are excited to invite friends of the Kellogg Institute – past, present, and future – to join us for a virtual reception featuring "rooms" based on our research themes and hosted by members of our Kellogg community.  Participation in the LASA Congress is NOT required to attend this special event.  

(Meeting ID: 947 6418 9769)

LASA will promote the event as a Congress reception, however you need not have registered for the LASA Congress to participate in Kellogg's special gathering.

The event will be structured around virtual rooms, which you can join and leave as you wish, perhaps moving from room to room to get a taste of various topics, or staying with one particular room of interest. Be sure to have your favorite beverage at the ready as you network with new and familiar colleagues, learn what others are doing, and draw energy from Kellogg's strong community of scholars. The following Kellogg virtual rooms will be hosted by the community members, who welcome you to join the conversations: 


Michael Coppedge and Aníbal Pérez-Liñán
An informal conversation on the politics of different countries and the emerging challenges to democracy in Latin America

Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies

Maria Rosa Olivera Williams, Vanesa Miseres, and Magdalena Lopez
A discussion on where Latin American Humanistic Studies is going and the new directions in literary and cultural studies and transdisciplinarity

Violence and Transitional Justice

Guillermo Trejo and Juan Albarracín
A discussion on the drivers of political and criminal violence in Latin America and whether and how extraordinary mechanisms of transitional justice can contribute to peace building

Moving from room to room within this Zoom event is simple!  
Important tip:  For the best experience with breakout rooms, be sure you are using the latest version of Zoom on your computer or other device. 

To join a room or move to a different room:

  • Click the “Breakout Rooms” button at the bottom of your Zoom screen
  • From the resulting pop-up, select “Choose a Breakout Room”
  • The new resulting pop-up displays the room names (left), the number of participants in each room (right), and the participants under the room name (those in the room have “joined” whereas “not joined” after a name means the person has left the room)
  • Hover over the number of people in the room you wish to select and then click “Join”
  • When prompted, confirm your room choice by clicking “Yes”

To leave the breakout rooms:

  • Click the “Leave Room” button at the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Select either “Leave Meeting” or “Leave Breakout Room”
  • Selecting “Leave Breakout Room” will bring you back to the main session, where you can ask questions of the host. Please note that, once the breakout rooms have opened, participants will not be brought back to the main session together; rather, participants will just sign off from Zoom directly from the breakout rooms when they are ready.

If you or others need help while in a breakout room:

  • Click the “Breakout Rooms” button at the bottom of your Zoom screen
  • From the resulting pop-up, select “Ask for help”
  • A pop-up will appear, from which you can click “Invite host” to the breakout room
  • Once you click this button, you will receive a confirmation that the host has been invited to join the room; the host will join the room to help shortly