From #MeToo to #RiceBunny: A Study of Chinese Feminist Activists

Kellogg Institute Graduate Research Grants
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My research intends to explore the new generation of feminist activists against sexual assault in China. Given the challenges and achievements of #MeToo and feminist movements in China, this research addresses the following question: What kinds of challenges face Me Too-era activists in China, and how are they impacted by these challenges? I am especially interested in activists’ reactions to online and in-person attacks and the impact of these experiences on their participation in protests. Additionally, this research will focus on why some activists persist in their involvement despite facing threats while others choose to withdraw. This proposed study will form the basis of my MA thesis in Sociology. It will also help to explain how activists develop resilience in response to these challenges and, at an organizational level, the strategies employed by these feminist' social movement organizations to sustain the result of their movements.