Exploring the Formation and Evolution of the In-Depth Reporting Genre within China's Ephemeral Flourishing Civil Society (1980s to Mid-2010s)

Kellogg Institute Graduate Research Grants
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My research will investigate the formation and evolution of the in-depth reporting genre in Chinese journalism from the 1980s to the mid-2010s by conducting content analysis on sampled news articles from eight major media outlets. The in-depth reporting genre, known for its bold examination and discussion of fundamental social issues, played a significant role in shaping Chinese civil society during its inception and brief flourishing in the studied period. Its emergence is an unusual and intriguing phenomenon in an authoritarian context. My study aims to uncover not only the dynamics within the Chinese journalistic field during a period of social transformation but also to deepen our understanding of civil society and collective actions within authoritarian environments. These themes resonate with the interests of the Kellogg Institution. I will complete this research, present it at workshops, and incorporate it into my master’s thesis.