The Authoritarian Legacy of Multiethnic Regime Engineering in Albania: a Preparation Trip to Add a Control Group in Greece

Kellogg Institute Graduate Research Grants
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My research examines the effects of the communist-era approach to nation-building on ethnopolitical identities. Last summer, I completed the data collection of my dissertation’s pre-period data based in Albania with Kellogg support. Next, I won a Fulbright-Hays award to add a sample from Greece in completion of my dissertation’s data collection. With this grant, I will conduct the necessary on-the-ground fieldwork preparation for this data plan in Greece. The project is different from last summer’s research grant because it targets a population who were separated by a closed international border from the one sampled last summer. Adding Greece data expands my project to include the final piece of a cutting-edge, quasi-experimental design - allowing a novel intergenerational, cross-border database.

It advances Kellogg’s research themes of human development and democracy because Greece allows a comparison of these processes over time with a country significantly more developed and more democratic than Albania.