Kate Bailey has research interests in international development and how to frame development in a human-centered way. Bailey is particularly interested in global health and the interdisciplinary nature of international development. Accompaniment in development, teaching, and human relationships are other areas she wants to explore further.

Bailey is currently working on a book project on accompaniment in international development. She has been editing chapters of a prepublished book and interviewing experts in the field to gain a deeper understanding of the uses of accompaniment and how it varies across subject areas and in different countries. Bailey has also been exploring the language tradition behind the use of accompaniment and how the meaning of this word changes in different countries and depending on the development of said country.

Political Science
Hesburgh Program Public Service
Current Research

Research Interests
I am interested in global health and international development. I am also interested in the role that community healthcare workers play in healthcare systems as well as the importance of cultural context when creating development projects.

Current Research
I am currently working on writing abstracts and editing chapters for a collection on aid through accompaniment for Steve Reifenberg. I am also researching the rhetoric surrounding accompaniment and its impact on various disciplines.