Justin Witt is interested in the roles played by private and public sector organizations in international development initiatives. He is a research assistant with Dr. Georges Enderle, Professor of International Business Ethics at Notre Dame. In partnership with Dr. Enderle, Witt is researching the foundational theories of ethics and responsibility. To accomplish this, he analyzes primary and secondary accounts of philosophical, political, and economic history and applies learned principles to dilemmas in the human development space. In the future, Witt aims to use this experience to develop ethical frameworks for leaders and stakeholders in efforts to enact social change.

In addition to research through the Kellogg Institute, Witt’s research on the political, economic, and social implications of modern genocide denial was recently published in Fresh Writing, a journal for undergraduate writing at Notre Dame. Finally, Witt is the founder of Storybox Books, a social enterprise focused on early literacy development.

Global Affairs
Political Science
Business Economics

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