A biology major with a minor in science, technology, and values, Jonathan Couri is spending the summer working with the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy, and Environment (iSEE), a think tank based out of Vietnam that is committed to protecting human rights and expanding civic society space. Unique in its hybrid research-advocacy structure, iSEE fosters social movements seeking freedom and justice for marginalized populations in Vietnam by collaborating with local citizens, private sector actors, and government officials. Couri participates in this relationship by remotely working in iSEE’s LGBTQ+ Rights Program as a program intern. His work mainly focuses on improving access to healthcare services for transgender individuals through policy advocacy. He is working on producing a guideline for transgender mental health support that is fitting with the overall context of the Law on Transgender drafted by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health. As a pre-dental student, Couri recognizes the importance of holistic health. Thinking long-term, Couri hopes to translate the experiential knowledge and digital skills he gains through his work to other healthcare communities beyond Vietnam’s borders.

Biological Sciences
Science, Technology and Values