JOIN VIRTUALLY! Race and Building Communities of Belonging: Perspectives from the US, the UK, and Brazil

Race and Building Communities of Belonging
The NDI Global Roundtable Series is a series of virtual events dedicated to internationalizing conversations on issues of vital importance, sponsored by Notre Dame International, with cosponsorship by the Ford Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Department of Africana Studies, the Department of Political Science, and the Notre Dame Law School.

This second roundtable in the NDI Global Roundtable Series will focus on ‘race and social inclusion’ and will feature perspectives from three countries with long-standing and significant race issues: the US, the UK, and Brazil. Among the questions to be addressed: What are the challenges to building communities of belonging in these three national settings? In particular, what are the special obstacles that black citizens face? In what ways are these obstacles similar and different in each of the three countries? What can we learn from efforts to promote racial equity and justice in each? What are the opportunities at this moment in history and how can we ensure that efforts to promote greater equity, justice, and social inclusion are sustained? How might faith communities contribute? What role might universities play, particularly a Catholic university like Notre Dame?

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Michael Addo, director of the London Global Gateway Law Program, University of Notre Dame
Marcio Bahia, associate teaching professor of Portuguese and Brazilian studies, University of Notre Dame
Deandra Cadet, social entrepreneur and diversity educator, cofounder and executive director of InterAction Initiative, Inc.

Kellogg Faculty Fellow Dianne Pinderhughes, chair of the Department of Africana Studies and professor of political science, University of Notre Dame

Kellogg Faculty Fellow Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC, assistant provost for internationalization and associate professor of political science, University of Notre Dame

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