Jessica Saeli is currently conducting research on patriotic education in Russia and in other non-democracies around the world. In Russia, this education takes place in civic education, social studies courses, and military-patriotic courses. Saeli will be reading, organizing, and analyzing data from Soviet and Russian textbooks and teachers' guides as well as from contemporary news sources from Russia, the United States, and other non-democracies around the world pertaining to civic education. The project will focus on the continuities and changes between Soviet patriotic education and contemporary Russian patriotic education under Putin. The goal of this project is to analyze how civic education is used in non-democracies to promote loyalty in the younger generations and how the role of political education has changed over time in these countries.

Saeli received an SLA (Summer Language Abroad) Grant to study in an eight-week intensive Russian language program in Kyrgyzstan this summer.

Current Research

Research Interests
I am interested in researching the intersection of philosophical thought with history, culture, politics, and literature. I focus especially on Russian history, culture, politics, and literature, as it provides a counterpoint to the West and Western philosophy.

Current Research
I am currently researching patriotic education in Russia and in other non-democracies around the world. I have been focusing on researching the Russian military-patriotic movement "Yunarmiya," which promotes love of country and military among Russian youth.


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