Special Event

Global Democracy at Risk: Why it Matters and What Can Be Done

Global Democracy at Risk

In Nicaragua, the authoritarian regime is shuttering universities. In India, nationalist leaders undercut the rights of the Muslim minority. In Niger, the military overthrew the elected president a few months ago. In many parts of the world where democrats once had hope, backsliding is becoming the norm. What is the current state of democracy in different parts of the world? Why is democracy at risk? Should we care? And what can be done?

This event will consider these questions and explore how the University, the Keough School, and the Kellogg Institute can address the important issues surrounding democratic governance today. We will also discuss the Kellogg Institute's role in the University of Notre Dame's new Democracy Initiative.


Jaimie Bleck
Associate Professor of Political Science
Senior Research Advisor, Ford Program
Kellogg Faculty Fellow

Juan Sebastián Chamorro
Economist, Businessman, Politician
Hewlett Visiting Fellow for Public Policy

Susan Ostermann
Assistant Professor of Global Affairs
Kellogg Faculty Fellow

David Campbell
Packey J. Dee Professor of American Democracy
Director, University of Notre Dame Democracy Initiative

R. Scott Appleby
Marilyn Keough Dean, Keough School of Global Affairs
Professor of History


Aníbal Pérez-Liñán
Professor of Political Science and Global Affairs
Director, Kellogg Institute


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