Dramatyrgas Chilenas: Chilean Female Playwrights in the Early 21st Century

Faculty Research Grant
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DRAMATURGAS CHILENAS: CHILEAN FEMALE PLAYWRIGHTS IN THE EARLY 21ST CENTURY, a collaborative research project between U.S. and Chilean theatre artists, will explore the research question: how do female Chilean playwrights address historical trauma, gender justice and collective memory in post-dictatorship, democratic Chile? Theater in Chile has historically generated performance spaces, during and after dictatorship, where artists can address issues of political repression and social injustice. These Chilean female playwrights create plays in the post-dictatorship era that explore surviving authoritarian rule, and transitioning to democracy. This volume co-edited by Dr. Anne García-Romero (University of Notre Dame) and Dr. Verónica Duarte and Dr. Inés Stranger (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Theater School) will introduce five award-winning playwrights and their works to an English-speaking audience for the first time. The volume will include English translations of plays, as well as interviews and critical essays in English.