Taking New-Right Thinkers Seriously: Perspectives on Europe, Russia, and the US

Faculty Conference/Workshop Grant
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This is a workshop on a coterie of New Right thinkers in Europe, Russia, and America who aspire to provide new ways of thinking about democracy in an era of populist extremism. These figures include polemicists, publishers, and occasional politicians, such as Götz Kubitschek (Germany), Steve Bannon (USA), Mikhail Remizov, Boris Mezhuev, and Vladeslav Surkov (Russia), Roger Köppel (Switzerland), Thierry Baudet (the Netherlands), and Alain de Benoist (France). To this end, I envision inviting 3 prominent European and American scholars to Notre Dame to engage in discussions about the similarities and differences among these thinkers. I also envision a public forum in which these scholars and I will present our research to interested faculty and graduate students. This workshop will be the first stage of a three-stage project. It will be followed by an APSA panel at the end of August and, hopefully, a mid-sized conference sometime in fall 2019. I hope that this initiative will be a joint initiative between Kellogg and the Nanovic Institute, thereby enhancing inter-institute collaboration in the Keough School.

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