Abroad spring 2024: Santiago, Chile

Evie Garces-Foley is working under Professor Dan Miller, a professor of environmental policy with a focus on the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of conservation funding. Garces-Foley will be assisting Professor Miller on his research of the long-term impacts of international biodiversity conservation funding. Their work will focus on the factors and conditions associated with effective external funding, from private foundations and international aid, for long-enduring conservation outcomes. Additionally, Garces-Foley will research trust as a factor in external governance of natural resources, utilizing tools such as the community forestry tool (CommFor) from the FLARE Network. Garces-Foley was a recipient of the 2023 Summer Language Abroad grant from the CSLC, awarding her the opportunity to study Spanish in Madrid, Spain for 2 months during the summer of 2023. The language grant equipped Garces-Foley with necessary language skills as she plans to conduct independent research on the involvement of trust in conservation relationships and conflicts in Peru in the summer of 2024.

Peace Studies