Democracy and Organized Crime: Ecuador in Comparative Perspective (VIRTUAL)



How did Ecuador go from being an apparently peaceful country to becoming a hub of violence and organized crime? What do we know about the magnitude of the problem?  How does the logic of criminal wars in other countries help explain this conflict?  This panel features regional and thematic experts that will analyze the Ecuadorian case from a comparative perspective.


Special Guest
Arturo Torres Ramirez

Freelance Journalist
Co-founder of Código Vidrio

Abby Córdova
Associate Professor of Global Affairs
PI, Kellogg's Eliminating Violence Against Women Lab
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow

Andrés Mejia Acosta
Associate Professor, Political Economy of Development
Kuster Family Associate Dean for Policy and Practice, Keough School of Global Affairs
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow

Guillermo Trejo
Professor of Political Science
PI, Kellogg's Violence and Transitional Justice Lab
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow


Aníbal Pérez-Liñán
Professor of Political Science and Global Affairs
Kellogg Institute Director

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