Book Launch

Book Launch: "Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context"


A presentation of the newly published book Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context (Oxford University Press, 2016) by Kellogg Institute Director and Professor of Law Paolo Carozza, together with coauthors Vittoria Barsotti, Marta Cartabia, and Andrea Simoncini


Hon. Samuel Alito
Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court
Anthony J. Bellia 
O’Toole Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Notre Dame 
Andrea Simoncini 
Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Florence and former Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow

Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context offers a comprehensive analysis of the Italian Constitutional Court (ItCC), including its principal lines of jurisprudence, historical origins, organization, procedures, and its current engagement with transnational European law.

The ItCC represents one of the world’s strongest and most successful examples of constitutional judicial review and has developed a distinctive voice among global constitutional actors, both in its model and methods of judicial review and in its adjudication of a broad range of topics, from fundamental rights and liberties to the allocations of governmental power and regionalism.

This study, the first book published in English on the Italian Constitutional Court, makes it possible for the ItCC to enter the global judicial dialogue in a much more powerful way. The authors aim to elevate Italian constitutional jurisprudence to an active participant role in transnational constitutional discourse.

The event is organized by the Constitutional Studies program in the Department of Political Science and cosponsored by the Kellogg Institute for International Studies. During his visit to the University of Notre Dame, Justice Alito will hold the Clynes Chair in Judicial Ethics at the Law School.

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