Bio updated 2022.

Cindy Emenalo is currently completing a year of service at Mission Hospital in the St. Jospeh Worker Program. She works primarily in the Latin community at a family resource center connected to the hospital which focuses on providing low-income patients and patients without insurance access to mental health resources such as psychiatry and therapy. She also facilitates virtual psychiatry appointments and helps with calling in prescriptions. Emenalo is also working with site partners on a multicultural webinar series that focuses on educating the community on different cultures and the social justice issues that those communities face. 

The profile below was current as of 2021 when she was part of the on-campus community.

Cindy Emenalo is currently working with Professor Ted Beatty on creating and analyzing the history of engineering. Emenalo’s focus is on Mexico and the context in which engineers are presented. This includes how engineers were described and perceived during the late 19th and early 20th century Mexico. Emenalo is currently looking through and compiling information from 19th and 20th century Mexican newspapers published in different areas in Mexico and authored by a range of different ethnic groups in Mexico during that time period.

Science Preprofessional Studies