Caitlin Crahan works under Professor Ernesto Verdeja, supporting the work of the Institute for the Study of Genocide and Professor Verdeja’s own studies. She spent her sophomore year conducting research on genocide and mass atrocities, with a focus on prevention and triggers, and will continue this work during her junior year and semester abroad at Trinity College in Dublin. 

During the summer of 2018, Crahan interned at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She worked in the Conflict Resolution Program to promote peace in Syria and Israel-Palestine. Crahan’s internship was sponsored by the Center for Career Development at Notre Dame.

Political Science
Current Research

Research Interests
I study political science with a focus on international relations, and I hope to find a career that combines humanitarian crises and international politics. I am specifically interested in the Middle East and hope to continue developing my knowledge about the region's politics in future classes, research, and internships.

Current Research
I am currently working with Professor Verdeja to code cases of mass killing over history to determine possible triggers in hopes that this information can predict and prevent future mass atrocities. In the past, we have researched triggers of genocide more generally.


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