Inalienable Rights and the Traditions of Constitutionalism

Academic Conference and Workshop Grant
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“Inalienable Rights and the Traditions of Constitutionalism” will be the venue for a major international and interdisciplinary conversation at the University of Notre Dame about the meaning and importance of inalienable rights for human dignity and liberal democracy. Hosted by the Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law Policy and Practice Lab at the Kellogg Institute, it will bring together a broad range of scholars, jurists, and practitioners, representing a diversity of perspectives, political and social contexts, and religious traditions, for a series of collaborative and probative inquiries into the most pressing issues facing inalienable rights today. In five sessions over three days, participants will conduct a critical analysis of the 2020 Report of the U.S. Commission on Inalienable Rights (COUR), as well as additional documents and sources. Each conference session has been structured to foster breadth and depth and will feature a keynote address, commentary by a COUR member, and discussion by an intellectually and internationally diverse panel.


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