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As part of its educational mission, the Kellogg Institute provides resources for K-12 teachers to share with their students.  Teachers can utilize Kellogg’s Traveling Trunks to expose their students to the culture, music and artifacts from countries around the world.  

Additional outreach pages include links to websites containing lesson plans and additional resources to assist K-12 educators in bringing the world to their classrooms.

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With so much happening in the world and at Kellogg Institute, new and exciting developments are constantly occurring. Check our latest news often to see new and interesting stories as they develop.


Upcoming Events


February 19
Kellogg International Scholars Program Meeting
Undergraduate Programs


February 20
Pope Francis’s Vision of International Politics and Diplomacy
Jodok Troy
February 20
Reading Group on Lying and Truthfulness - Feb 20 Meeting
Working Groups, Reading Group on Lying and Truthfulness


February 21
Lynching and the Politics of State Formation in POst-Revolutionary Puebla (1930-1950)
Working Groups, Peace, Conflict, Crime & Violence Workshop
Gema Santamaría


February 22
The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed Bishop Gerardi?
Francisco Goldman