Latin American History Working Group - A/Y 2017-18

Working Group Grant
Grant Year

For 2017-18, we plan to continue to mix invited speakers and local graduate students and faculty. Carla Villanueva and Catalina Ararat Ospina will be asked to present their dissertation work in progress. Other graduate students will be incorporated into the discussions and continue to ask them to serve as formal commentators to our presenters. In addition, in our continuous effort to make our Group more interdisciplinary, Tom Abercrombie (Anthropology Department, New York University) will be invited and Jared Rodríguez (PhD Student in Africana Studies at Northwestern University) as well as our own Notre Dame colleagues from the Romance Languages, Art History, and Anthropology Departments. We will also continue to incorporate historians working in the broader Atlantic region, Africa and Europe as well as our Latinamericanists in the Hesburgh Research Library. Finally, as guests to Jaime Pensado’s “Global Sixties” graduate history course, our Group will also co-sponsor the invitation of Claudia Rueda (Assistant Professor, Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi) and Joaquín M. Chávez (Assistant Professor of History, University of Illinois at Chicago).