Toward Praetorian-Led Electoral Authoritarianism? The (non) Transitions from Junta Rule in West Africa

Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow Sebastian Elischer

Sebastian Elischer
Associate Professor of Political Science
University of Florida

The recent military coups across West Africa have raised longstanding questions about the role of the military in African democratization processes. There is growing evidence that the various juntas intend to entrench themselves in executive power beyond the post-coup elections. Drawing on the theoretical insights of linked ecologies, Elischer will compare the extent to which each junta has formed domestic alliances and defied external pressure to enable a return to civilian-democratic rule, providing an interim assessment from his paper. 

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Sebastian Elischer

Sebastian Elischer is an associate professor of political science at the University of Florida whose work analyzes the interplay between identities and institutions. His research encompasses political Islam, violent extremism, and ethnicity, how identities shape and affect procedural democratization in sub-Saharan Africa, and the nature and effect of religious regulation in areas of weak statehood...
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