Abroad spring 2024: Santiago, Chle

Tavin Martin is a junior from Evansville, Indiana studying global affairs, Latino studies, and ESS. Martin is currently working as a research assistant for Professor Jaimie Bleck in the political science department to study how youth community discussion groups in urban areas can encourage civic engagement and political participation. At the moment, Martin is assisting Professor Bleck by aiding in the process of completing a book that investigates the importance and future of "Grinw", local discussion groups for young men, in Malian society as a means to strengthen civil society and youth roles within it. After the book is finalized, Martin plans to assist Professor Bleck by aiding in a collaborative research project with UC Berkely that is investigating the use of language and activism in four African countries (Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Zambia, and Mali) that have experienced a series of or sustained government instability. 

Global Affairs
Latino Studies
Education, Schooling and Society