Ruth Carmi (sociology & peace studies, minor in gender studies) holds a B.A. degree in Law and Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an L.L.M. in International Legal Studies (Specializing in Human rights and Gender) from American University Washington College of Law. As a human rights lawyer in Israel she litigated in the High Court of Justice and represented in Israeli Parliament committees addressing issues of resource allocation to the Arab minority in Israel and the Arab minority's right to government services and support. She also battled incitement to racism and violence. She has written several widely circulated reports on gender segregation and racism in Israel, which have been informing recent public debates and advocacy efforts.

Ruth is interested in researching racial and ethnic formation and intersection of race and gender in Israeli society, how they operate to marginalize minorities in Israeli society, and how they connect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and are reflected in laws and legal documents. She is a Notre Dame Presidential Fellow and a 2017-2018 Mullen Family Fellow.

Thematic Interests

Race, gender, Society & Law