Annual Event

Romero Days 2022: Óscar Romero’s Final Words and the Christian Journey Today



In his three years as archbishop of San Salvador (1977-1980), Óscar Romero boldly proclaimed the demands of the Gospel and the call to follow Christ in the midst of a world marked by injustice, violence, and oppression. He was martyred while celebrating Mass on March 24. Romero Days 2022 will take place on the 42nd anniversary of Romero’s death and will explore the theological and spiritual depths of Romero’s final homily for the Christian journey today. Attendees are invited to read and reflect on Romero’s homily in advance, but we will also read it together at the beginning of the session.

Speakers: Juan Miguel Alvarez and Marlyn Batista
Respondent: Todd Walatka

Romero's Final Homily (English)   |   La Última Homilia de Romero (español)

Followed by Mass in All Saints Chapel (upstairs, in Jenkins Nanovic Hall) at 5:00pm.