I am from Lake Villa, Illinois, but I have also lived around the world. Here at Notre Dame I am a part of the Men's Boxing Club and the Wabruda, the Black men's student organization. I work both as an assistant teacher at the Early Childhood Development Center on campus, and as a Senior Fellow for Multicultural Student Programs and Services. My academic interests revolve around race, poverty, and the environment. I am also fascinated by sustainable development and balancing, or aligning, human needs with environmental needs. That topic in particular has guided my Capstone research, which investigates how different people experience the benefits of working with the land. Next year I will serve two years in the Peace Corps before returning to academia for graduate school. I plan to earn a Master's degree in Global Affairs or a doctorate degree in Sociology so that I can continue doing research, learning, and teaching. Ultimately, I aspire to build a career in the foreign service or in international relations. 

International Development Studies
Latino Studies