Undergraduate Programs

Research Networking Session


For the first time, the two undergraduate research programs of the Kellogg Institute will come together for a networking session. Students of the Kellogg International Scholars Program and Kellogg Developing Researchers Program have the opportunity to join with Kellogg faculty to learn about their research and discuss the work they're doing on the themes of global development and democracy. Faculty will present their work, and then will be available at the reception to meet and answer questions about research.  


Networking Tips
  • Prepare a brief introduction about yourself for peers and faculty — A few key questions that your spiel should answer are: Who are you? What do you study? What are your research interests? Are you doing research with faculty? If so, what is that research?
  • Learn more about the faculty fellows who will be attending prior to the event — Make use of the profiles on the web to determine which faculty fellows and peers you would like to connect with based on similar interests. 
  • Put yourself out there and be authentic — One of the best ways to start small-talk is to display genuine interest in the faculty fellow’s or student’s field of study and research. 
  • Approach the event with an open mind — Remain open to exploring new ideas, interacting with new students, and meeting new faculty fellows and peers even if they weren’t already on your list. 
  • Maintain your networks — Express your gratitude and/or continued interest in getting to know more about the faculty fellows and your peers through a follow-up email or invitation to coffee.

Speakers / Related People