Hailing from Venezuela, Renée Pérez holds a double BA in political science and economics from the University of South Florida. She currently works at the Center for Economic and Policy Research as an international program intern, where she researches and advocates for policies that promote global economic justice, with a special focus on Latin America. As a volunteer with the UN Foundation’s United to Beat Malaria campaign, she regularly meets with members of Congress and their staffers to foster support for global health programs, and she has trained fellow volunteers on grassroots advocacy techniques at the organization’s annual leadership summits. 

Renée’s previous professional and volunteer experience include business and legal writing, project management, at-risk youth mentorship, and animal welfare work. Having grown up in the US and Venezuela, Renée is particularly interested in shifting Latin America’s economic development priorities, so success is not measured by GDP growth or the presence of multinationals, but instead measured in quality of life for all people. As a master of global affairs student, Renée is the recipient of a Kerrigan Family Global Fellowship.