Strangers No Longer

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This documentary puts contemporary immigration in the context of American history and shows how Churches in the United States are welcoming new members from different cultures and backgrounds.

"Strangers no Longer" invites us to open our hearts and minds and identify with today's immigrants. It invites us to look into our past and notice the similarities that exist between ourselves and our ancestors when they came to this great land and those who are arriving now. We are made aware of the many global implications that cause people to migrate the the USA, including our need for more workers. It helps us to understand problems that exist with our current immigration system and underlines different solutions and activities that can be undertaken to fix what is broken. It reminds us of our moral responsibility to actively live our faith and our obligation to be a voice of change so that newcomers are strangers no longer.


Strangers No Longer, Executive Producer and Project Director (Groody River Films, 2006)


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