Documentary Film: Beyond Them and Us

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The title of my project is: BEYOND THEM AND US. With the sense of urgency to raise the voices of the stateless refugees and marginalized minorities living in deplorable circumstances,  even in sanctuaries, this project aims to create a theatre work within a documentary film. The film will track and document the making of a theatre production as performed by refugees in Rome safety centers for the first phase, and in other European centers for the second phase. In Rome, the refugees will be working in collaboration with students of Notre Dame to devise a theatre piece that will be a dialogic intersection of refugee narratives – their memories that move into histories. The refugees themselves will perform and their process as creators and resonators of their stories into a theatre work will be documented. On another layer, their theatre work will be interwoven with a documentary of their current realities as stateless beings in search of a humane migration regime, calling for understanding of their situation, making the world aware of a this urgent global humanitarian crisis, seeking solutions through this creative work.