Thematic Interests

Groundwater (flow and chemical quality); water resources in developing countries; international, interdisciplinary collaboration on water resource characterization and protection

Current Research

Management of salt-water intrusion in coastal regions of Bénin; management of groundwater quality in rural regions of Bénin; probabilistic / risk analyses in managing groundwater resources; groundwater hydraulics in the vadose zone.

Journal Articles

"Probabilistic Risk Analysis and Fault Trees: Initial Discussion of Application to Identification of Risk at a Wellhead" (with Carolyn Rodak), Advances in Water Resources 36 (2012)
"Potential for Establishing Non-vertical Flow within the Vadose Zone" (with E. Fisker and J. Pescatore), Vadose Zone Journal 10, 1 (2011)
"Engineering Academic Programs for Hydrophilanthropy: Commonalities and Challenges" (with Rabi H. Mohtar, Kurtis G. Paterson, and William P. Ball), Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education 145 (2010)
"Issues of Sustainability of Coastal Groundwater Resources: Benin, West Africa" (with Brian I. Borum, Moussa Boukari, Nicaise Yalo, Salifou Orou-Pete, Daniel McInnis, Chrstyn Fertenbaugh and Andrew D. Mullen),  Sustainability 2 (2010)
“Alternatives in Sampling Strategies and Methods for Estimation of Parameters of Groundwater Quality in Rural Regions of Developing Countries” (with P. E. Crane), Ground Water 47, 5 (2009) 
"Assessing Experiences of International Students in Haiti and Bénin," IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (2009)

Book Chapters

"Overview of a Multifaceted Research Program in Bénin, West Africa: An International Year of Planet Earth Groundwater Project," in J. Anthony and A. Jones eds., Sustaining Groundwater Resources: A Critical Element in the Global Water Crisis (Springer, 2011)
"Community-based Groundwater Quality Monitoring: An Initial Discussion," in Yongxin Xu, Eberhard Braune eds., Sustainable Groundwater Resources in Africa: Water Supply and Sanitation Environment (CRC Press, 2009)

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