Thematic Interests

Groundwater (flow and chemical quality); water resources in developing countries; international, interdisciplinary collaboration on water resource characterization and protection

Current Research

Management of salt-water intrusion in coastal regions of Bénin; management of groundwater quality in rural regions of Bénin; probabilistic / risk analyses in managing groundwater resources; groundwater hydraulics in the vadose zone.

Journal Articles

"Probabilistic Risk Analysis and Fault Trees: Initial Discussion of Application to Identification of Risk at a Wellhead" (with Carolyn Rodak), Advances in Water Resources 36 (2012)
"Potential for Establishing Non-vertical Flow within the Vadose Zone" (with E. Fisker and J. Pescatore), Vadose Zone Journal 10, 1 (2011)
"Issues of Sustainability of Coastal Groundwater Resources: Benin, West Africa" (with Brian I. Borum, Moussa Boukari, Nicaise Yalo, Salifou Orou-Pete, Daniel McInnis, Chrstyn Fertenbaugh and Andrew D. Mullen),  Sustainability 2 (2010)
"Engineering Academic Programs for Hydrophilanthropy: Commonalities and Challenges" (with Rabi H. Mohtar, Kurtis G. Paterson, and William P. Ball), Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education 145 (2010)
"Assessing Experiences of International Students in Haiti and Bénin," IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (2009)
“Alternatives in Sampling Strategies and Methods for Estimation of Parameters of Groundwater Quality in Rural Regions of Developing Countries” (with P. E. Crane), Ground Water 47, 5 (2009) 

Book Chapters

"Overview of a Multifaceted Research Program in Bénin, West Africa: An International Year of Planet Earth Groundwater Project," in J. Anthony and A. Jones eds., Sustaining Groundwater Resources: A Critical Element in the Global Water Crisis (Springer, 2011)
"Community-based Groundwater Quality Monitoring: An Initial Discussion," in Yongxin Xu, Eberhard Braune eds., Sustainable Groundwater Resources in Africa: Water Supply and Sanitation Environment (CRC Press, 2009)

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