This profile was current as of 2019 when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Seok Hee (Jenny) Jang, along with her current adviser, has been focusing on how the establishment of higher-level institutions impacts the innovation and economy in the county of the establishment. Jang has also been looking into various other correlating factors and how significantly they may influence the output of innovation. 

Jang’s independent research focuses on how the variance in gender ratio in South Korea affects sexual violence rates and its endorsement. Jang plans to further inquire how the skewed gender ratio impacts various economic sectors. 

Current Research

Research Interests
Economics of education, how the establishment of higher institutions leads to innovation and knowledge production. Analysis of gender ratio in more patriarchal societies and its effect on various economic sectors.

Current Research
Identifying various factors correlated with the establishment of education and knowledge production by comparing the economies of counties before and after a higher institution was created. The impact of this establishment for the county's economy was then analyzed with the number of innovations the county or the near-by area has produced. Jang's independent research focuses on how the gender ratio in a patriarchal society greatly impacts various economic sectors and clouds the societal moral endorsement towards gender discrimination and human trafficking.