I am a Ph.D Candidate in World Religions World Church in the theology department. I received my MA in International Studies: China, from the Henry M. Jackson School of Int'l Studies at University of Washington. I have worked in China as a teacher and website developer for Catholic Charities, and as a translator, researcher, and freelance writer on issues related to Catholics in East Asia, human rights, Chinese society and politics, and the life and thought of John C. H. Wu.

PhD Year
Thematic Interests

My primary research interest at present is the development and growth of Christianity in China, as it grows rapidly yet remains in a relationship of friction and distrust with the authoritarian regime. My dissertation is about the fusion of Christian faith with Chinese culture in the New Testament translation by Chinese Catholic scholar John C. H. Wu (Wu Jingxiong), and its place in the history of the Catholic Church in China, and its reception among readers today.