Bio updated 2022.

John Haley is a documentary filmmaker and educator based in the United States. He focuses on character-driven stories which center on the intersection of personal identity and societal structures. Guided by an overarching minimalist, no-frills approach to filmmaking, John aims to emphasize the reality of his characters’ experiences through handheld cinematography and carefully structured landscapes, situating the characters of his films within a broader social and political context. Thematically, his films grapple with contentious issues such as the death penalty and electoral politics through the lens of specific characters, contextualizing these social structures through distinct perspectives in pursuit of nuance and a more truthful, holistic understanding of reality. John holds an MFA in Documentary Media from Northwestern University and a BA in Film, Television, and Theatre and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame. He currently teaches filmmaking courses as a Lecturer in Cinema Production at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 


Film, Television, and Theatre
Peace Studies
Thematic Interests

Human rights, climate change

Current Research

Climate change adaptation

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