This profile was current as of 2019, when he was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Will Jianyu Lu is broadly interested in development, trade, and macroeconomics. His current research studies the impact of transportation infrastructure on firm dynamics in China. He is also working on another project analyzing the relationship between labor market flows and development. His previous work includes a study on the relationship between firm productivity and liquidity management in the presence of financial frictions.

Jianyu Lu is originally from China, but he grew up in Argentina. He earned his BS in Economics and BA in Mathematics and Spanish from University of Washington in Seattle.

PhD Year
Thematic Interests

My research interests lie in the fields of development and trade. I study how better transportation infrastructure affect growth both in the short-run as well as long run. Some of my other projects focus on labor force transition in developing countries and other topics related to economic growth.