Thematic Interests

Cross-cultural communications and management

Current Research

Cross-cultural linguistic and translation procedures, developing intercultural communication competency in management


Book Chapters

Tuleja, Elizabeth A., “Exceptional Leadership by Design: Designing Optimal Contexts for Leadership,” in Rob Elkington, Madeleine van der Steege, Judith Glick-Smith, and Jennifer Moss Breen, eds., Globally and Culturally Intelligent Leadership by Design (forthcoming)
Tuleja, Elizabeth A., “A Small World with Big Challenges: What Research on Cultural Dimensions Adds to Our Changing World,” in The Cambridge Handbook of Intercultural Communication (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)


Tuleja, Elizabeth A. and James O’Rourke. Intercultural Communication for Business, 3rd ed. (GlobeComm Publishing, 2015)
Intercultural Communication for Business (Cengage, 2009)

Journal Articles

Tuleja, Elizabeth A., Kelly Grant, Timo Lainema, and Jeffrey Younger. “Teaching Professional Communication in a Global Context: Using a Three-Phase Approach of Theory Exploration, Self-Assessment, and Virtual Simulation,” Journal of Rhetoric, Professional Communication, and Globalization 7 (September 2015)
“An Analysis of a Communication Training Program for Chinese Managers” (with E. Robert), IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 54, 2 (2011)
“Designing and Developing Questionnaires for Translation Across Cultures” (Coauthored), IEEE Transactions On Professional Communication 54, 4 (2011)
Other Accomplishments & Recognitions
  • Fulbright US Scholar Award, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China (2017–18)

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