This profile was current as of 2017, when he was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Prof. Alford is writing a book about Nobel Peace Prize laureates and how their work and narratives over the past 100 years have influenced and reflected trends of international peace building. I help him by looking deeper into the stories of these laureates in order to find connections with other laureates and major events. By connecting the dots, it is then possible a history of the modern world through the lenses of these remarkable people.

I have studied abroad through Notre Dame International in Angers, France. While I never did receive a fellowship from Kellogg, I still was able to experience studying abroad and learning about the world by spending 4 months in Europe. I will also be conducting research not related to international issues this semester on my own for my thesis regarding California politics.

Political Science
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Music in political culture;

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