This bio is current as of 2020.

Since graduating from Notre Dame, Alexa Fedynsky completed a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Grant at the Universidade Estadual do Paraná in Apucarana, Paraná, Brazil. There, she taught regular conversation classes with the university, gave bi-weekly lectures on aspects of culture and politics in the United States to the broader community, and co-taught lessons on writing and speaking with the English students. Within the community she also taught weekly beginner French classes at the public library, researched the history of Ukrainian immigration to Paraná and Brazil compared with immigration trends to the US, and participated in a monthly cinema club of mostly Latin American film. 

Currently, Fedynsky lives in Washington, DC and works at an international development non-profit, PartnersGlobal. She works on a more global team, specifically dealing with closing civic space and civil society's resilience to this trend. Her work includes helping to manage projects around the world, researching current civic space trends, presenting our projects at international conferences, and co-facilitating and delivering training on organizational resilience strategies. Fedynsky also assists in the Latin American projects such as community-building in Guatemala, writes pieces on our Women, Peace, and Security strategy, and draft proposals for future projects.

Finally, Fedynsky also serves as the shop steward of her organization's union. She was elected at the beginning of 2020, and represents the unit within her organization to management together with the other shop steward. They work to enforce their union contract, inform the unit on any management decisions, and meet quarterly with management to discuss any issues or concerns that have come up. 

This bio was current as of 2017, when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

I have just started research with a new professor, Vanesa Miseres, about women and war in Latin America. She will be looking at a broad time period, including the 19 and 20th centuries, to see what role women played in armed conflicts. To have more background information, women in war in Europe and Asia will also be studied, but the focus will then be Latin America. I will begin by compiling the bibliography, as well as working on summaries of various sources. In the past I worked with Dr. Tala Jarjour in the music department. I transcribed/summarized/sometimes translated historical documents from the 19th century about French colonialism in the Middle East, specifically about religious conflict.

This summer I received a Nanovic internship to go to Paris. There I helped Col. Peter Herrly, an ND grad, to organize a political conference about the rise of the Russian military. I lived in downtown Paris and frequently went to the SciencesPo campus where I worked with their faculty to invite people/logistics. I worked with speakers and attendees in both French and English to ensure everyone knew what would happen the day of the conference, as well as various other events/dinner surrounding it. The Nanovic funded my life in Paris as I worked on my French and general professional skills.

Thematic Interests

Middle Eastern and Eastern European music and culture, Minority rights around the world.

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2017 - Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship  - Brazil


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