Notre Dame Grad Releases New Rock Song about Archbishop Romero

Rob Hahn had never heard about El Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero, until he took a theology course senior year at Notre Dame in 1991. Fascinated by Romero's story and personal character, Hahn shortly thereafter wrote a song about the Archbishop, who was assassinated while saying mass in 1980 and declared a martyr earlier this year by Pope Francis. And while he occasionally strummed it at home over the next twenty-plus years, Hahn didn't give serious consideration to recording it until earlier this year, when it was announced that Archbishop Romero would be beatified May 23.

The song was recorded in April with musicians from St. Paul and released this month. Hahn describes his song "Romero" as "a rock-n-roll tune, not some kumbaya song, that tells the tale of Archbishop Romero. It's a celebration of his life and incredible actions.

“There have been songs about leaders like Nelson Mandela (U2's “Ordinary Love”) and Steve Biko (Peter Gabriel's “Biko”),” Hahn noted. “I really felt it was time to celebrate the life of Archbishop Romero in a rock-n-roll song.” You can hear and download the song at

“Today's church leaders everywhere can learn a lot from Romero's actions,” Hahn said. “While issues might be different, there is a need for real leadership in the Catholic Church, particularly here in America. Instead of focusing on people's sexual preferences and cover-ups, Church officials should be actively working to find solutions to social problems.”

About Rob Hahn

Rob Hahn is a small-business owner, author, one-time gubernatorial candidate and, most important, dad of two teenage sons, Bobby and Patrick. Originally from Winona, Minnesota, Hahn attended the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) and currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota. “Romero” is the first song he's recorded and released to the general public.

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