Kenneth F. Greene (Fall ’05) was awarded the Raymond Dickson Centennial Endowed Teaching Fellowship in recognition of exemplary performance and commitment to teaching by the College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin, where he is associate professor of government. He published:
- Campaign Persuasion and Nascent Partisanship in Mexico’s New Democracy,” American Journal of Political Science 55, 2 (2011)
- “Party Finance and Single-Party Dominance in Mexico and Beyond,” in Anthony Butler, ed., Paying for Politics: Party Funding and Political Change in South Africa and the Global South (Jacana, 2010)
- “Resource Control in Authoritarian and Democratic Dominant Party Systems,” in Matthijs Bogaards and Françoise Boucek, eds., Dominant Parties: Concepts, Measures, Cases and Comparisons (Routledge, 2010).


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