Kellogg PhD Fellow Perla Khattar

Notre Dame Law School JSD student and Kellogg PhD Fellow Perla Khattar’s new article, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you: Fighting the privacy paradox by designing for privacy and enforcing protective technology” has recently achieved top rankings in numerous top-ten lists in the Social Science Research Network. These categories include: Consumer Law eJournal; International Political Economy: Globalization eJournal; Technology; Consumer Privacy; and Property Protection.

A Fulbright Scholar from Beirut, Khattar argues that consumer digital privacy is a right afforded to every human being and that many consumer privacy laws around the world fail by ignoring the phenomenon of the privacy paradox.

This article, originally published in June 2023 by the Washington Journal of Law, Technology, and Art, is Khattar’s first publication in the United States.

Read Khattar's article here.

Perla will present her work in the Kellogg Lecture Series on Tuesday, November 14 at 12:30. Learn more here.

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