I have been working with the team from Inclusion Ghana to conduct the baseline study. So far we have done interviews in the Volta, Greater Accra, and Eastern Regions. I have met so many amazing parents and people with intellectual disabilities and health professionals through conducting these interviews, although a lot of the time I just "supervise" and help where I can because we have to use translators. I think in all the team has conducted about two hundred interviews in the last three weeks. It's been incredibly exhausting but I have gotten to see many parts of Ghana and have learned a lot about overcoming communication challenges. 

I leave Ghana on Monday, and I said goodbye to the people from work last night. They were truly wonderful to work with. Right now, I am working on drafting an outline of the baseline report and helping assess what areas most need improvement in the health facilities. It looks like the health professionals want and need training on intellectual disability, so this is a good sign because it's an area in which we can make real progress.