Former Kellogg Visiting Fellow Gerardo Munck

Former Kellogg Visiting Fellow Gerardo L. Munck (fall 1995) has edited a volume with former Visiting Fellow David Collier (fall 1986, fall 1987) on Critical Junctures and Historical Legacies: Insights and Methods for Comparative Social Science (Rowman & Littlefield, February 2022). The volume includes contributions by Kellogg Faculty Fellow Andrew C. Gould and former Kellogg Faculty Fellows Robert M. Fishman and Timothy R. Scully.

Publication of Munck's book Latin American Politics and Society: A Comparative and Historical Analysis, which he co-authored with Juan Pablo Luna, is scheduled to be published with Cambridge University Press in the summer 2022.

Former Kellogg Visiting Fellow David Collier
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow Andrew Gould