Everything is continuing in the right direction here in Guadeloupe! The company I work for, Ekiways, organizes educational trips for high school students in other countries, and we have a group of American students here in Guadeloupe right now, so I am starting to spend my afternoons helping out with these students. At the same time, they are keeping me busy with various tasks like writing country guides in English for their programs, updating their website/Facebook, working on their marketing strategy, and now helping out with their responsible tourism program in Haiti! It's all great work experience, but it is going to keep me very occupied the next few weeks (which I suppose is a good thing).

As for my research, I have finished exactly three interviews so far. They are coming in a lot faster now that I have made some excellent relationships with the Haitians in my neighborhood. The first man I interviewed was a young man who works as a legal consultant and helps out at an association that gives legal advice to Haitian immigrants here. He is a successful, go-getter type. This makes sense considering he immigrated here when he was 3 years old, is a citizen, and has received a great education.