I have officially gone through the first two weeks of my internship and it has been quite interesting. I am working with the health lawyers at the firm who are advocating for families who had lost their loved ones who were at a mental illness facility due to lack of resources and proper planning by the government.

The work has been exciting especially because so far I have gotten a lot of exposure to legal procedures and documents, met the clients and I am already helping with the litigation for the case; a case against the department of health. Although enjoying the work, dealing with such sensitive matters has taken me on a bit of an emotional roller coaster and made me reflect a lot about my career aspirations as well as the role I have to play in developing legal institutions in the country.

It has been a heartfelt two weeks and it looks like I might be doing some in country travels in a few weeks time to meet clients from other parts of the country. My supervisor is very invested in my professional development and that has been a blessing in so many ways.

Although trying to pace myself emotionally with regards to what I can and cannot handle, it has been such a blessing to deal with the groups of people who easily fall out of the system because of their socio economic statuses. I am so far humbled and truly believe my calling lies in the social justice sector.