Authoritarian Party Systems by Grigorii V. GolosovThe latest book by former Visiting Fellow Grigorii V. Golosov titled Authoritarian Party Systems: Party Politics in Autocratic Regimes, 1945–2019, is being published this month by World Scientific (Singapore).

"Grigorii Golosov has produced a remarkably rich monograph on authoritarian party systems, which deserves to be regarded as a landmark study in comparative party scholarship," writes Paul Webb (University of Sussex, UK) in his review of the volume. "It offers a survey of key concepts, theories and measures from the literature on party systems, and a wealth of empirical analysis in which major features of party politics in authoritarian and democratic states are compared. A must for any university library and advanced courses on comparative politics."

"My fellowship at the Kellogg Institute in 1998 contributed a lot to the research that ultimately led to this publication," shared Golosov. "My deep gratitude to the then-Director Scott Mainwaring is expressed in the Acknowledgements section of the book."

Golosov is professor of comparative politics and head of the Political Science Department at the European University at St. Petersburg, Russia. He is best known for his work on political parties, elections and electoral systems, and on Russian national and sub-national politics. In recent years, he proposed a new method for the computation of the effective number of parties; developed an innovative classification of party systems; and made an important contribution to the ongoing debate on electoral authoritarianism.